Glasses for the little one - When your little one needs glasses, it can become a difficult time in your child's life, hence your life. It's something that makes them feel awkward and different and it is our job as their parent to turn it into something positive. The good thing is, these days we have so many cool and fashionable options. Check out Polo and Ray Ban...you can also score majorly at Target!

Multi purpose dressing - Most of us parents need an additional 10-15 hours added to our day. But since that's not an option we have to get creative. Multi purpose dressing is one way of saving time. 
You take a preppy school uniform or a dressy dinner get up and turn it into a play friendly outfit. You simply remove the tie/bow-tie, unbutton the shirt and roll up the sleaves. Voila!!! You're child is ready for the playground.