Thursday, October 18, 2012

Style: Dear Bow

I always hear that boys clothes are not as fun as the clothes they make for little girls. To some extent I kind of agree, but who said you can't get creative when dressing your little man. If you ask me...there's nothing a little bow can't fix, or maybe even a big bow.
As my little guy grows by the second, I decided it was time to take new pictures of him and his adorable little smile. I'm waiting for the day when he actually has a say so and refuses to smile for these pics. These days I'm still able to barter with computer time, ice cream and other things excellent parents do.

Since we seldom have time during the day to run back home in order to change clothes I'm all about 'multi purpose dressing'. That would be sort of what superman does, but instead of a phone booth and the hassle of taking off layers of clothes we simply remove our tie/bow tie, unbutton shirt, and roll up sleeves, only to destroy the entire look by getting in the skateboard rink. Aaahh!!!

There you go, a preppy outfit just turned play ground friendly and I am ready to buy more detergent. 

Pictures by: Viktorya Abraham