Friday, July 12, 2013

Life Style: New York and I

Ever felt you loved something so much but couldn’t put your finger on it? When being asked ‘Why do you love it so much?’ you're standing there like a big question mark on the verge of becoming defensive. ‘Why wouldn't I love it?? I just love it! Back off!!’  So where is your list of ‘I love NYC because...?” There are so many things I personally dislike about this city. In the summer time, this lovely place smells as if it’s been marinating in a 30 year old dumpster and the subway platforms are no different from stepping into a hot blow dryer (yes, I know what that feels like). Forget about personal space, it doesn’t exist. Everything is over priced, the apartments are the size of shoeboxes, rent is a fortune and the neighbors are to be avoided. How about the wintertime one asks? Well, they are brutally abusive. The angry snowplow man will most likely bury your car.  Oh, let’s not forget the rat to human ratio, which is out of this world.

Ok, ok ask me again.

Nosy fool: ‘Why do you love NYC?’
Me: ‘I just do! Fall back, son!!’