Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Style: Strolling thru the Station

The way people were staring me down while we were taking these 
pictures, you would think they've never seen the "working mother by 
day, supermodel by Sunday" deal. Just saying.
As the seasons have definitely changed and we are all easing our way
into fall, I have found a less painful way to make the transition. I've 
decided to bring my favorite season, SUMMER, with me all through out 
the's pretty simple. I just combine a great summer staple, like 
the flowy pale pink skirt and blend it in with fall peices. A short leather 
top gives great contrast to the flirtyness of the pale pink chiffon skirt. 
This is a great tip to maximize the use of your closet. You are actually able 
to transition most of your pieces through out the year.